Best driving games

Best driving games
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Best driving games – Driving games have never been boring to all players of all ages. Here is the best driving game that we will introduce to you. Visit to play many free games.

Best driving games – driving test games online

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Many gamers at the present time, may never touch the known brand. Even if it was only about five to six years ago. If you have ever asked a gamer about racing best driving games. You probably have not heard of Forza Motorsport, Gran Tursimo, DiRT, Midnight Club, Burnout … But 90% Know For Speed, that shows the extremely strong position of this best online driving games.

best driving games

In addition, new players have come across the Need for Speed: Shift series from Slightly Mad Studios.

Need For Speed ​​is full of different ups and downs before the success. If Need For Speed – best driving games: Underground, Need For Speed – driving games 2017:  Most Wanted (EA Black Box) Need For Speed – : Hot Pursuit (Criterion Games) is the glory. Then Need For Speed: Undercover, Need For Speed: The Run. In addition, new players have come across the Need for Speed: Shift series from Slightly Mad Studios.

After more than 14 turns of development. By 2013, Ghost best driving games pc was given the seal by the EA with the debut product Need for Speed: Rivals. Although not really great. It also opens up a new and heavier gaming path. Enough for novices and people alike to enjoy.

Three years to go, E3 2015, people see the latest footage of the best driving games for android and was named simply Need For Speed. Just need a stick with Need for Speed ​​long enough. Can see this version choose for his style like Need For Speed: Underground or Need For Speed: Carbon with the night and the race to tear Quiet space. Maybe. This year’s Need For Speed ​​is the same as the older ones. But there’s still a long way to go so that the “brother” can fill the shadow that was created by the predecessors.

Night is not quiet

Need For Speed – driving games online ​​does not hide the need to go the way of Need For Speed: Underground by the race through the night, the streets smell the tires smell, the supercar just waiting to tear quiet space. But that’s just the same style, and the best driving games 2017. Need for Speed ​​still remains as it is known for many years: speed, playability, eyes, full of glitter.

Set in the city of Ventura Bay, you will play a driver engaged in illegal races. Do not spend a lot of time promoting, Need For Speed ​​pushed you straight into a city with only recently joined hands … 15 minutes ago! However, ignoring the Spike, Robyn, Amy, Travis … The capital is not much different than the type of adolescent boys love boxing and like the “barrier”. The real face blood face is really the highlight best driving games pc . The legendary Ken Block, from the famous Speedhunter Magnus Walker, Magnus Walker, Porsche enthusiast Vaughn Gittin Jr. The legendary Ken Block. – who specialize in drifting magic virtual, leading the way for players in Shift 2 Unleashed …

But let’s put aside the characters in the plot, because after all, their appearance is no better than the Maggie Q in Need For Speed: Undercover. What the player needs is: speed, in this respect, Need For Speed ​​has done very well.

You can play the game Vehicles by clicking here best driving games

best driving games

Things are even more beautiful when the rain falls, look closely will see best driving games

Compared to the latest version, Need For Speed – driving test games online : Rivals. The feel of the drive is somewhat more difficult to control and the drifting phase also requires more skill. Breaking the crabs in the previous versions has disappeared, instead, picking the right time, right angle to drift is the key to complete each race with the first.
Need For Speed ​​offers a new feature. Handling Style – a set of tools that can be used to fine-tune parameters ranging from pressure to gear. Axle feedback, and so on. with each person’s strengths and divided into two schools: drift. Although this feature is not new and not as “deep” as the simulated racing best driving games 2018. But shone in the first appearing in the Need For Speed ​​(except Need for Speed: Shift also has similar systems. self).

Ghost Games also bring a lot of racing modes to the “monster” test driving silk. From popular as: racing to the goal, double-drift, drift .. To more toxic such as racing on the number (each appeared in Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted 2005) or the famous Gymkhana best online driving games “sharpening” of Ken Block …

And yet, all of them can play with other players around. Just invite and wait a bit, the whole team will be ready to make you comfortable in the fast, convenient way. Best.

With the power of the Frostbite 3, never before has the race track of the Need for Speed ​​series so true. The city of Ventura Bay glows with street lights, lights from the shops … Create a space filled with colo. They can reflect on the smooth paint of the body when the sky soaked through each road. Things are even more beautiful when the rain falls, look closely will see

Best driving games
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