Top best taxi driving games

Top best taxi driving games
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Taxi driving games – fun role-playing games. Be a good driver. Pass through the city’s winding streets and pick up passengers on time. Here is a list of interesting taxi games. You can refer and play immediately if you like

Top best taxi driving games – Taxi driver game online

1/ City Taxi

As a taxi driver carrying passengers in the city, show your safe driving skills and skillfulness to make good money from this job. In the free driving games, every game is a challenge for you to drive, read carefully the requirements of each game to start the journey of driving. Control the car in the direction of the arrow to reach the right place, on the way to observe the traffic lights are good to move safely on the road.

taxi driving games

Have fun playing the taxi driving games.

Be careful not to let your car collide with other vehicles that are traveling on the road or collide on the side of the road causing the car to be damaged. If you hit too much, you will lose the car. Make the pickup on the road according to the instructions and requirements of customers to be able to earn a lot of money everyday work offline. Have fun playing the taxi driving taxi driving games.

Today, we will introduce you to a great game. Interesting, latest racing taxi driver game online genre performs the task, that is the game, the city taxi game version. Agame has a lot of advanced elements, modern innovation of the sports racing game genre, such as the context, the game space is very broad, true. The task, episodes, action game is quite fast and paced. Surely the game will be one of the good options, worth playing for all you relax. Leisure after stressful working days. Your mission in this game is simply to use the taxi of Mai Linh company to find and catch guests in the city. You will follow the instructions, instructions from the operator on the switchboard.

You will have to follow the directions arrows on the 3d taxi driving games screen to be able to find the shortest path, the most guests to perform their tasks. You use the Spacebar to brake. Arrow keys to move, accelerate, dodge the obstacles on the way.

You can play another fun game here. By clicking Play now: Truck trials  taxi driving games

City Taxi Games bring you a real experience with daily life. Come to the taxi driver game download we will come to the taxi driver work with extremely interesting tasks need to conquer. Let’s explore this exciting game with In City Taxi we will have the opportunity to transform into a taxi driver with the task of fulfilling all the requirements that the boss set.

Requests will be made in succession that need to be resolved quickly. You must be really quick to spot those requirements and drive the car in the direction of the arrows. To accomplish the requirements of the boss and customer not only require you to master the keyboard arrow keys but also have the eye of a wise intelligence to use the skill to make the job. Your job settles faster.

The difficulty level of each round will be raised to assess your ability to perform the task. At the beginning of the free taxi driving games, you will not be familiar with driving. But if you play two or three times, you will become well versed in all the challenges.

City Taxi is very useful for the car guy or taxi driver will help you improve your skills to do the job well. It also gives us great entertainment after hours of hard work and study. City Taxi Game (City Taxi Game) is a taxi driver game online in the genre of games. You will play the role of a taxi driver who always best meet the requirements of customers. Join the game and conquer the challenges of the taxi job is exciting.

2/ Speedy taxi

taxi driving games

If you run too rough, and you hit the road surface at high altitudes, you will lose the race there.

Taxis simply carry passengers on the road and usually at a moderate pace taxi driving games. However, in Taxi Express, you will be able to control a taxi. So that you can carry your passengers through the hard way to reach their destination as required. Your taxi will practice in a big city and carry a lot of customers. Then you will earn the non-small amount to be able to upgrade your car from speed to acceleration, gear driving, …

However, the following will become increasingly difficult, and be keeping both you and the passenger safety will be a challenge for you. In addition, you can also increase your speed by using the Space key. But if you abuse too, it can also be responded to and asked to stop it. One important thing to know is the power button in the left corner of the screen. If you run too rough, and you hit the road surface at high altitudes. You will lose the race. there.

Also, like many other free taxi driving games or online, the time you complete the client’s request to run to the destination will also contribute to increasing your score there. Let’s run a little quick but be careful and safe. This fun mini racing game with a simple but fun and funny game. Try a professional taxi driver to see it, it’s hard but also has the fun surprise

You can refer to other interesting games

The Crew 2

taxi driving games

Each of these items has 3 or 4 other small items inside waiting for the player to continue exploring.

The breadth of the scale is the undeniable point of The Crew. Next, to the predecessor taxi driving games for kids. The Crew 2 still holds the only bright spot. Actually, if only in the “mainland”. The Crew 2 is not much bigger than before, but the addition of air and water area has created a significant increase in ligation and help split the incision. Content is divided into 4 main categories: Street Race, Offroad, Freestyle, Pro Racing. Each of these items has 3 or 4 other small items inside waiting for the player to continue exploring.

Street Race – 3d taxi driving games is the most well-known street racing franchise in terms of the number of levels. Offroad is a combination of top-class racing from wide-field races to racetrack races. Freestyle is more prone to scoring by the skill of performing adventures when flying a plane, boat, or monster truck (giant wheeled vehicles often appear in American television shows). Pro Racing is a collection of mainstream racing from boat to professional racing.

This is a game worth looking forward to, you should try

With so many “categories”, players will surely spend a lot of time on The Crew 2. Ivory Tower wisely covered the map of the United States with a lot of activities are unlocked gradually when players Compile for yourself enough followers. Due to the size of the content stretch, players free taxi driving games will be traveling around every corner of the map. Especially with the screen to take players across the map and time to complete the record at this point is more 30 minutes with supercar speed over 300km / h. That’s enough to see how great The Crew 2 is!

As mentioned in the beta introduction, The Crew 2 – free online taxi driving games have a lot of means for the player to use. This is not the case when stretching from supercar to conventional models, from racing aircraft to civil aircraft … Almost anything that can “drive” the Ivory Tower tried to bring it all into The Crew. 2 and satisfy the need to “harness” the player.

Top best taxi driving games
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