The top driving games for kids

The top driving games for kids
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Top  driving games for kids. The list combines both simulation and arcade free play driving games. We will list the best online free truck driving games based on graphics, gameplay. Mod mode and car racing play online car games, global sales, track, and car. For games that have not yet been released, we have ranked them based on early access statistics as well as comparisons to their previous titles. Do not hesitate to post your comment below!

The top driving games for kids – free driving games

1/ Earn to Die 2

After the success of the first, Earn to Die 2- driving games for kids online  was born before the expectations of large numbers of people love free driving games, racing games.

If in the first version, players are only allowed to experience a single free game in the lite. And if you want to keep unlocking the next screen, The publisher of Not Doppler will not let this happen again. Do not be disappointed fans, the racing game based on physics Earn to Die hit the shelves have launched part 2. Zombie driving games with many special features – allows for download and play completely free.

driving games for kids

Destroy the zombies and the ultimate goal is to survive.

Plot: A ship evacuating the survivors is waiting on the other side of the country. If you want to be one of the few lucky ones. You need to go to this place in any way. Because the world has experienced a deadly pandemic. Things get ruined, the only ruins that bring life but no reason is the dead body. Your baggage is a bit of money and a car. But that’s not important! Drive through all terrain. Destroy the zombies and the ultimate goal is to survive.

Main features of the game Earn to Die 2 – driving games for kids to play:

Game modes Story Mode is completely new.

  • Earn to Die 2 introduces game modes, Story Mode, new and more magnificent, long, 5 times the previous section. The game will start “departure” from the hot desert and gradually go deep into the Virus infection.

The Level several floors.

  • The level back is divided into several levels. Driving through the highway were damaged going through the fascinating, underground or smash the plants, shelter of most Zombies. For whatever path you choose is whatever, you also can not escape the driving games for kids girls horde if not accept ruthless with them!

Build the most powerful zombie killing machine.
Unlock and upgrade more than 10 different vehicles, including sports cars, fire trucks, even ice cream carts. Each type is equipped with upgraded equipment such as the armored frame, roof mounted firearms, rocket launchers,… Zombies will not have a chance to reach you.
The more zombies, the more destruction, the more the upside.
Lifeboats cannot wait for you forever! Drive the car, upgrade your car and do everything in your own way to survive.

Features in the game driving games online

The difficulty of the game will increase as the player progresses. Fortunately, Earn to die 2 provides you with a good upgrade system, allowing you to unlock or upgrade parts for the vehicle to increase combat power and combat in the apocalyptic world. Death awaits you in the front!

Although it does not carry high-quality 3D graphics or detailed shadowing, it’s probably the simple 2D graphics that make up the success of the Earn to Die game. With the character design is cute, in contrast to the “core” of the game to feel fun for players. Moreover, it does not forget to add many “fun” effects such as the bloody scene when your car runs through and crush the Zombie, the fire left when you activate the gas barrels on the way,…

In addition, music played a significant role in transmitting the heat. Creating a dramatization for Earn to Die – driving games for kids  in all its parts. You have the excitement of hearing the roar of the car, the scraping of human bones, the croaking of the obstacles along the way. So it’s no surprise that next to it there are some games of the same type with graphics and games are rated as Need for Speed, Asphalt 8 or CSR Racing for Android but Earn to Die 2 still has its own place. The lovers of sports games in general and speed game lovers in particular.

2/ Driving School 3D

Driving School 3D is a driving games for kids simulation game driving extremely attractive. Gives you a truly virtual driving experience. See if you can pass the exam excellently or not!

driving games for kids

Step on the car and start your lesson right away with the best car driving school driving games for kids

Step on the car and start your lesson right away with the best car driving school games online free. Driving School 3D will test your driving skills. In free online driving games, you need to follow strict traffic rules. Pay attention to vehicles on the road, pedestrians, stop signs, signal lights, speed and more. If you are looking for a true driving experience, do not miss Driving School 3D.

You will learn how to drive a vehicle in driving school games with a manual transmission or classic automatic transmission. You can choose a simulation environment that is a large, rural, or high-speed city. After crossing individual levels, you will advance to the final exam. On each map and level, you collect points and unlock a variety of other vehicles. In addition, in Career Driving Mode, you can also compete with friends by inviting them to online challenges.

The unique sports car

If you drive carefully and do not commit an offense, you will get a high score and unlock new vehicles such as race cars or sports sedans.

True Traffic:

Streets can sometimes appear to be heavy vehicles. So you will have to watch out for other vehicles and pedestrians as well. Driving games for kids online on the freeway are even tougher if you drive a vehicle at high speed.

Challenge online.

Challenge friends in online mode. You drive on a pre-selected map and obey traffic laws. Anyone who collects more points and drives to faster parking will win.

Key Features of Driving School 3D – driving games for kids online:

  • Multiplayer mode to race with other players around the world.
  • Unlock more media.
  • More than 50 levels on 3 maps.
  • Realistic physics and smooth ride.
  • Manual gearbox with the lever.
  • Switch the camera to the media.

3/ Parking fury 2

You can Play by clicking here: driving games for kids

driving games for kids

Parking fury 2 in addition to entertainment can help you reduce stress and think of you.

Parking fury 2 is one of the driving games the most popular driving games for kids free online. Parking fury 2 in addition to entertainment can help you reduce stress and think of you. In this game, your task is to control the car in the parking lot yellow and do not scratch the car and hit other cars. To play 2 crazy games requires you to focus and thinking skills, reaction to situations or challenges. Try to pass all the levels with the least possible trouble. With graphics, elevation profiles, photos, sharp sound, you won’t be disappointed when playing this game.

Characteristics of Parking Fury 2:

  • 3d simulator driving games with the beautiful interface and smooth animations.
  • Parking game very simple to play.
  • Parking fury 2 is free to play.
  • Compatible with all devices and browsers without any errors.

How to play:

  • On your computer use your mouse or the arrow keys to control the car. Touch the screen when played on a touch phone.
  • Follow the arrow and stop at the yellow parking space.
  • Try to get all 3 stars to work to do to become the winner of the parking lot!

4/ Endless Truck

Clicking at here: driving games for kids

driving games for kids

Car download game car will not disappoint you.

Endless truck – driving games for kids is a hot game recently was a sports game is highly entertaining suitable for all ages. Car download game car will not disappoint you. So, please click on the button “play now” to the experience of the driving game for free. You don’t know how to play truck driver game, your task is just to move the car, move as quickly as possible, avoid the flood and collect as many coins to buy upgrades.

Truck games, in particular, will be very difficult to get. To get the fine points, you have to focus on how to deal with the challenges. Game endless trucks with high quality and colorful interface, and realistic sounds, this carpet will certainly not disappoint you will bring you the most amazing moments, and leisure time rewarding. This is a driving test games quite suitable for children. Because through this game, kids will practice is the ability to quick-witted thinking and his judgment.


iRacing on Steam is an online racing driving test games in a realistic simulation style. iRacing will bring you online racing. Fun and thrilling – a great choice for speed enthusiasts and thrill seekers!
iRacing, the former name for is a high-speed racing simulation driving games for kids online originally developed by Motorsport Simulations in 2008. In iRacing, you’ll be challenged in official racing. Special events, race car racing and training on the server system of this service. In other words, iRacing is the premier racing portal in the world. Where convergence of the # 1 riders around the planet!

To increase game authenticity, the iRacing PC uses the first viewfinder placed in the cockpit. With automatic driving, players just need to look ahead to control the car on the right track. Most gamers use a rudder system that combines forces with gas pedals, brakes and pedals as well as the H … to control the car at high speed.

What’s new in iRacing 2017

driving games for kids

In the driving games for kids online, you will own hot racing cars.

  • Additional new driver license classes.
  • Heat Racing Super Speed ​​Racing.
  • Red Bull Global Rallycross Series.
  • Updated racing professional sports car.
  • New Ford Fiesta RS WRC and VW Beetle GRC.
  • Knoxville Raceway.
  • 5 set up the Rallycross track.

iRacing is the premier racing simulation game for the PC. In the driving games for kids online, you will own hot racing cars. From NASCAR to IndyCar, Aussie V8 Supercar to sports cars and the famous Grand Prix race. All you need is a computer. Steering wheel or driving games online with a USB port connected to the computer and the Internet. iRacing will take you to more than 100 races and 40 laps. Players can organize their own races or participate in more than 800 private tournaments.

Key features of iRacing

  • Game simulation and racing portal leading the world with many attractive features.
  • Race against the real driving games for kids online and professional racing.
  • The surface of the track is simulated as real.
  • Many racing modes such as practice, racing, technical, racing, speed racing, timed racing …
  • Team racing with a 24-hour event.
  • New Heat Racing racing mode.
  • Automatic and free updates.
  • Take the racing cars officially.
  • Join the community of players more than 6 thousand members.
  • Organize the race and tournaments yourself or join others.
The top driving games for kids
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