Play hero song game – Mobile game inspired by the ‘blockbuster’

Play hero song game – Mobile game inspired by the ‘blockbuster’
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Overall, Hero song game still has some minus points, however, undeniably the potential and appeal of this game.

Hero song game – 2D card game mixed with tactics

Magic Rush: Heroes, a 2D card hero song game that interspersed with tactics and finesse. “A mobile hero song game that mixes Kingdom Rush with Brave Frontier. Com in a review of the Magic Rush published in early 2016.
That is why Moonton is facing a lawsuit related to intellectual property rights with Riot Games. When the “father” of the League of Mystery filed a complaint to the Central District Court of California accused Moonton of gaining illicit millions of dollars when copying League of Mystery idea to use it to create two Magic Rush and Mobile products. Legends: Bang bang.

The story of Magic Rush

The story of hero song game is simple. Soul Hunter, the last boss of the Dark Force, robs all the precious stones that make the world always covered by darkness. You will play the hero, gather an army and go through the process of killing Soul Hunter troops to bring light to the planet dear …

With mainstream gameplay being a mixed-race strategy. You’ll have to figure out how to pass the levels, with up to 5 heroes, to complete the mission.

Magic Rush offers five hero classes, including Tank, Maskman, Mage, Support. Each hero has a unique ability, possesses up to four skills, and is strengthened in a variety of ways. Evolve, gain skill points or wear appropriate equipment.

hero song game

The story of hero song game is simple

Skills needed to play the game hero

Moonton also designed a complex hacking system based on the relationship between heroes. To put it another way, a total of 80 heroes in Magic Rush will have allies and enemies. Which will increase their strength or weaken each battle.

A good point of game hero is that both you and all other players. It can recommend the good combination between the hero to complete an optimal combat team.
A good point of Magic Rush is that both you. All other players can recommend the good combination..

Basic formation will still follow the classic structure. Tank top, behind the turn are the heroes have the ability to do good damage and support heal.

hero song game

Heroes have different expressions when they win

Besides the chaos that perhaps you just use the Auto feature will be enough to overcome. The Magic Rush also “plugged” a few more games tower defense. Depending on the heroes you have chosen in the battle. With the different prices and the amount of money given. You have to make the right decision to stop a bunch of soldiers. Flood into the map topography. Remember, the most special skill of each hero will be included in the hero defense.

The stick hero game has beautiful graphics

Go through each level, and you’ll get treasure chests. It can contain jade or money to upgrade heroes or new characters to increase the experience for players.

Basically, the PvE feature of Magic Rush is that, and you need to pay attention to it if you want to play well in PvP. Just enough difference is enough to determine the outcome of a PvP match. The higher your rank, the more chances you will have to earn a valuable reward to continue upgrading your squad.

Talking about graphics, Magic Rush uses chibi style, animations that fit the common tastes of the majority of popular players. With bright colors, eye-catching focus along with skill effects and intuitive interface, the game does not make you sore eyes, inhibitions in each battle even though the number of spells at the same time. …

OVERALL, Moonton has done well with Magic Rush, but there are not a lot of distinctive features in this product. Perhaps what makes the player feel like and want to experience hero song game because they are used to the heroes of a famous MOBA game.

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Play hero song game – Mobile game inspired by the ‘blockbuster’
5 (100%) 1 vote

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