Best real life driving games

Best real life driving games
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Best real life driving games. You will feel like real racing when experiencing this driving games online. Let’s find out the best driving game below. Make sure the information we release is useful to you

Best real life driving games – Best car game

Grid 2

New to Free driving games – Grid 2 offline you have been dropped at a Chicago racer with a powerful Ford Mustang. In this case. You need to calm down to accelerate and continue the race with the car you are driving. Surely real life driving games will be tasting the taste of the bobsleigh. Or lose control and crash into the wall. Even turning a few rounds and then crash straight into the other racers.

real life driving games

Or lose control and crash into the wall. Even turning a few rounds and then crash straight into the other racers.

You will play a single in Game Grid 2 called the World Series Racing and career mode is Career. And want to have a place in the real life car driving games as well as this racing village you need to check mail every day to participate in events around the world. Take the time to participate in small races and win the most loyal fans. Once you have achieved a certain reputation. You will be able to participate in the big race and receive prizes for better-than-expected cars.

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There is a point where Game Grid 2 offline makes real life driving games simulator unhappy, that is, they do not have to take care of their own children. But will have a professional team to do. You can only fine-tune car color and style only. This is the point where the game has reduced to crystallize. However, it has quite upset many gamers.

The visual aspect of the real life highway driving games must say is great. From the road to the beautiful building and the hills are reproduced as real. Surely many gamers wish to go to these dream cities. The light reflective effect, the sticky dust on the glass … are meticulously meticulous. Even parameters such as miles traveled, longest drift distance, highest velocity reached are displayed on the professional loading screen.

The physical effect depicting the car collision scene is also very lively. Surely real life driving games will have the excitement to squeeze the opponent’s car when looking at the lost driving scenes and sparks filled the road. Fragments, flying objects on the road. The sound of life to the brain, will make you like a race in flames.

Game Guide Grid 2

The racing modes in Game Grid 2 are generally quite rich. You can go through such as Touge, Faceoff, Drift, Eliminator, Overtake, Race, Time Attack, Checkpoint and Edurance.

They are as follows:

real life driving games

the driver is at the bottom will have to leave the real life driving games simulator , so until find the winner.

Race is the traditional racing style that almost every racing real life truck driving games online has, gamers will compete with many other competitors and try to get a high ranking in the race.
Time Attack is based on time spent on goal achievement. Drift is probably too familiar to driving test games. Eliminator with this mode every 20 seconds, the driver is at the bottom will have to leave the real life driving games simulator , so until find the winner.

Overtake will calculate the score based on the number of vehicles you pass on the road. Bonus points are higher when the time of passing the car is within the specified range. Touge and Faceoff are both direct confrontation modes 1vs1. But with Touge, you are not allowed to use “dirty” tactics and will always win if your opponent leads 5 seconds. Checkpoint and Edurance are similar, players need to run as far as possible at the allowed time. However, with Checkpoint, you will have more time to go through some locations.

Thanks to the hybrid racing style between acade and simulation, real life car driving games can master their vehicles within one to two hours of play. In places such as your corner, you can choose from a variety of options, such as releasing gas, light brakes, or even performing a refreshing drift in front of other drivers. Especially the beautiful drift to cross the 180 degree curve.

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With racing terrains, they will be divided into three main types of racing in the city. The pass and the race track. Real life driving games need to capture the characteristics as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each type of terrain to be able to easily race in the car and win.
Game Grid 2 decided to give the real life driving games simulator an impressive range, reaching nearly 50 famous cars in 40 years. And divided into 4 groups.

  • Group 1 is ordinary life cars can easily be seen on many streets, such as Muscle car or Volkswagen Golf R.
  • Group 2 is a little more advanced because of the use of more advanced technology such as Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG or Nissan 370Z Roadster.
  • Group 3 is the “terrible” engine with the details are made delicate, made of high-grade materials to reduce weight as well as increase strength.
  • The McLaren MP4-12C, the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black or the Aston Martin V12.

Group 4, the supercar was born to lead, easily reach speeds of over 250mph as McLaren F1 GT, Pagani Huayra and Mercedes Benz SLR 722 … In terms of difficulty, the real life driving games has five levels to choose from, such as very easy, easy, medium, hard and very hard. Customizable and available and at play time gamers choose the suit. If it is too difficult. It is very easy to damage the car and take time to recover.

Best real life driving games
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